Our product range

Ocean Quality is the sales organisation of Grieg Seafood and Bremnes Seashore. Our primary goal is to become your preferred and trusted seafood supplier – on time and at competive prices.

We produce the finest salmon and trout in the industry. For the customer this means healthy superior quality fish which is firm in the flesh and packed with flavor. We currently offer the following products:

Product range

• Fresh or frozen salmon – whole, head on
• Fresh or frozen salmon fillets
• Fresh or frozen salmon loin – whole
• Fresh or frozen salmon loin – skinless
• Fresh or frozen salmon steaks
• Fresh or frozen salmon portions
• Fresh or frozen salmon belly flaps

Value added

• Smoked and marinated products
• Superior salmon, gutted, head-on, from 1–9+ kg, fresh and frozen
• Fresh salmon fillets, trims B, C, D, E, from 2–6 kg salmon
• Deep frozen salmon belly flaps in 1–2 cm, 2–3 cm, 3–4 cm

Fast harvesting and processing procedures, combined with packing stations located close to the markets, mean that the customer can expect the freshest possible product. Our salmon is farmed and distributed from our three Norwegian packing stations, F-480 in Finnmark, H-82 in Hordaland and R-114 in Rogaland, as well as from packing station SA019 EC at the east coast of Shetland, Scotland and British Columbia at the west coast of Canada. Our trout is farmed and distributed from packing station F-480.

At Ocean Quality we take pride in supplying high quality products. We are able to maintain this superior quality by combining farming locations that are perfect for growing healthy salmon and trout with a focus on comprehensive training for employees, traceable products and control and monitoring throughout the production process.

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Ocean Quality AS Tel: +47 55 57 66 00 Fax: + 47 55 57 69 85 E-mail: post@oceanquality.com