Focus on quality

Product quality is of course essential, but the Ocean Quality sales force also strives to meet the highest standards, carrying out first class distribution services around the world.

Distribution service
We aim to be number one in creating values and peace of mind for our customers, by offering a continuous and reliable supply of salmon and trout from our packing stations. Through larger sales volumes, complementary harvest schedules and the ability to offer a broader selection of whole fish and processed fish, our goal is to provide better service and greater choice for our customers.
Product quality
The salmon and trout supplied by Ocean Quality are always of superior quality, made possible thanks to our stringent quality system that focuses on thorough training of employees, traceable products and control and monitoring of the production process. Our products are inspected and documented all the way from roe to finished product.
Optimal locations
Our farming facilities and processing plants are strategically located along the Norwegian, Canadian and Shetland coasts, providing optimal conditions for salmon and trout farming. The locations are very close to the markets, which ensure that our products arrive with the expected freshness and quality.

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